REER ITAD Solution

The best choice of IT asset recycle & disposal service for business, education and government.

1. Inventorying & Confirmation

Individual or institution customer requests for recycle service in the REER SaaS system, then REER dispatch engineers to customer location to perform asset removal, equipment disassembly and inventorying, finally outputs detail asset list and ask for customer's confirmation before loading for transfer.


ID Check
REER engineers will present employee identity information to you for ID checking before working on your assets.
Onsite Setup
Onsite lighting, electricity are necessary to inventory, and a camera will be set up to record the entire inventory process.
Based on given asset list, REER engineers collect asset information and mark up ones when quantity and condition differs from list.
Updating List
After inventory, REER engineers collect all variations and update list accordingly, and present to your on-site staff for final confirmation.
Finalizing List
After on-site staff confirm the list, both staff and REER engineers are required to sign name on the printed list to make it finalized.
Video Upload
Recorded video for on-site operation will be retrieved and uploaded for your later inspection.

2. Transferring

Appropriate vehicles will be provided according to the type and number of assets, and safely transfer all the assets from customer's office to the nearest REER operation center for later processing.

Packing, Sealing and Transferring

Packing & Sealing
Based on type and value, assets are classified into the lead seal turnover box, and loaded into the car for transfer. Equipment should be fixed and isolated to prevent damage caused by collision.
REER combined self-owned and third-party logistics, intelligently calculate the best effective and economic way to safely transfers your assets to the nearest REER operation center.
Assets Warehousing
Assets enter the temporary storage space of REER operation center. The number of assets are recorded and status are updated to the REER WMS.
Preprocessing for Pipeline
Assets must be preprocessed before they get into pipeline for inspection. For example, some equipments need to be charged to power on.

3. Identification & Grading

Your assets will be Through the unique asset data tracking SaaS system, we will identify and mark your assets in the REER operation center, and synchronize the information to the REER SaaS. You can learn the detailed information of the asset online, including asset number, SN serial number, model configuration, function and appearance description.

Identification & Grading

REER technical engineers collect category, brand and configuration of each individual asset, create an asset record in REER SaaS then upload all the information. Each asset will be granted a unique ID.
REER technical engineers inspect the appearance of each asset, test the functionality with appropriate tools, collect the status of the visual display, and input all the results into REER SaaS.
Based on all the attributes of each asset, a specific grade is automatically determined by REER system.

4. Privacy Data Deep Wipe

REER makes use of the most professional data erasing software like Blancco to deeply erase the data, and physically destroy the storage by degaussing, perforation, bending, shredding and other methods to defy any possible disclosure of customer's privacy information.

Customer Privacy Data Security is REER's Highest Priority

Onsite Data Erasure Service
Onsite data erasure services include degaussing for mechanical HDDs, and perforation for HDDs and SSDs and other storage media. All the operations are done in a way fully compliant to the standards of the State Security Bureau.
Offsite Data Erasure Service
Offsite data erasure is done in REER operation center, where the best data removal facilities can be utilized to maximize the efficiency with absolute security guarantee.
Certified Report
REER will issue a formal data erasure report for each piece of storage media when data erasure processing has been done. You can download it for archiving or further compliance auditing.

5. Pricing & Payment

Prices will be determined based on the asset grading results, followed by payment to customer. Till now, the value recycling process on behalf of REER customer is done.

Asset Pricing & Value Recycling

Asset Pricing
So far, Aihuishou group has recycled and sold more than 100 million electronic devices in total and a large price database is constructed. Based on the big data of price from historical transactions, REER's AI system will derive the best price from the asset category, grading result and transaction time.
Value Recycling
REER makes payment instantly after the price of each asset is finalized. Thanks to the transparency mechanism of the REER system, supply chain value-added services and global distribution network, REER prices are generally higher than the industry average, helping users to recycle more value.

6. Value-add processing & reselling

Recyclable assets' value is promoted through compliant maintenance, refurbishment and upgrades, and then be distributed across the world in REER's global sales and logistics network.

Value Adding & Reselling Globally

Value Adding
The status of assets from users varies greatly, and a considerable number of assets are in poor condition and difficult to reuse directly. Not only to recover more value, but also to minimize waste and pollution, REER will repair functional issues, fix appearance issues, even upgrade configuration to improve performance, finally promote the value of each asset.
Reselling Globally
For assets in different type and grade, REER will determine the best channel to resell based on global price and turnaround efficiency information. REER has set up value-added service and sales centers in important global electronic product trading hubs, which enable the smooth circulation of assets from different countries.

7. Eco-friendly dismantling

For components that cannot be recycled and reused, a third-party cooperative organization will perform eco-friendly dismantling and sorting by material, finally produce recycled plastics, metals and other compound materials.

Eco-friendly Dismantling & Materials Recycling

Eco-friendly Dismantling
Assets that can no longer be used for the whole machine or parts will be transported to REER's cooperative dismantling center. Assets are disassembled there and sorted according to the type of material. The plastic will be broken into particles, the circuit board will be sent to smelting for precious metals, and ordinary metals from frames or covers will be sent to steel plant to recycle.
Material Recycling
Now, resources are becoming increasingly depleted, recycled materials is attracting more attention and applied to more fields. Through REER recycling process, the assets that can no longer be used still can be reused in new fields, and truly fulfill our mission: "Give second life to idle and waste". REER value, real value.
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